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Google Caffine Is Coming After The Holidays

According to Google’s man in the trenches, Matt Cutts, Google is going to take it easy on all of us webmasters by deciding to not deploy Google’s new Caffeine architecture until after the holidays. In the meantime, Caffeine will be deployed at one data center and a small percentage of Google users will be “using” Caffeine. In response to a comment about the exact time in relation to the “holidays”, Matt said, “I don’t think you’ll see Caffeine on multiple data centers before January.”

In an earlier post I mentioned that Google SERP updates were taking place and that many web sites have noticed position changes. Matt said that Google did not want to add more stress onto webmasters who could already be feeling the heat from the current changes. Google is usually silent when an Index update hits and this catches many people off-guard. For people like myself, I know to expect Google index updates around this time of the year.

Also, it should be noted that when Caffeine is fully deployed most users will not notice any changes. For the most part, SERPs should be mostly unaffected but don’t quote me on this! Vigilance should be practiced anyways just in case. Good luck to all. 😀

Google SERP Updates

Over the past week or so changes to Google’s index have taken place. Word around the proverbial campfire is that search algorithm changes have been made. A friend, who works for a local company, messaged me this morning telling me that they had a set of pages drop from the index.

More than ever, Google is rummaging through web pages, searching for relevant content. The problem could be that the content inside the <h1> tag was useless because it did not tell Google what was contained on that page. So, their immediate fix was to change what was inside their <h1> tags.

The tag contained only one word and it was repeated on many different pages. This could be problem number one. Because of this, they did not have any keywords inside the tag so they added some keywords there along with text describing what is on the page. They also added the META description tag to add some descriptive text to the description of the page in the SERPs. This might also help them in the long run because Google also checks for keywords within the META description tag.

Hopefully this helps in their problem!

We also took a look at one of their competitor’s sites. They had hidden text within some of their <h1> tags. Google looks down on this. If you focus on SEO, remember to not hide text with keywords in it. Google considers this a deceptive practice and it will remove your pages from it’s index if it finds out that you are doing this.