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Internet Explorer 9 Beta vs. My HTML5/CSS 3 Test Page

Microsoft wide-released Internet Explorer 9 Beta and it’s impressing a great many people. So, how does it stack up to my HTML5 Test Page? Go on, click the link. You know you want to! 😉

A few thoughts

While browsing through Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 Beta Guide For Developers, I came across some very cool information. Microsoft has added new DOM support for addEventListener, DOMContentLoaded and getElementsByClassName (Yes, I tested them just to make sure!) – among others. This means a great deal for us developers who have been using addEvent, !document.all and other methods to make sure that our code was also supported by earlier versions of Internet Explorer.

While Microsoft has finally decided to stop pouting and start playing nicely, in my opinion, the damage has already been done. How long it will take to repair the damage depends on how long Microsoft plans to continue supporting Internet Explorer 6 (2014 when support for Windows XP SP 3 ends) – 8. Even if Microsoft stopped supporting all three browsers in favor of dedicating it’s time to Internet Explorer 9, a good portion of Internet users will still continue to use Internet Explorer 6 (currently at 16% of total). Also, there is still no definite word if IE9 will have frequent updates to standards support like the other browsers have.

Whatever the excuse is to continue using Internet Explorer 6-8, after the release of Internet Explorer 9 – and they are excuses – we web developers have inherited a crapfest that we will continue to deal with for years to come. It’s obviously up to us to suck it up and say, “We’re willing to lose some visitors for the sake of progression.”

After all, we’re supposed to be progressing – right?