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HTML5 Part 3: The ContentEditable Attribute

If you have been using blogs and message boards for some time then, you should be familiar with Rich Text Editing. RTE was created to make simple web page editing easy for people who were not familiar with HTML and, any one person could submit content.

For developers, the biggest hindrance to RTE is downloading an entire application (it’s not small which means more .js file downloading for your users) and then going through the instructions on how to install it and add the code that generates the Rich Text Editor. My favorite RTE has been TinyMCE. You can also download various plugins for TinyMCE to help make life easier (or harder depending on who is going to use it). You simply add the correct javascript code, edit some settings and away you go. Unfortunately, you also have to do some reading to figure out how to validate it in JavaScript and submit it through AJAX.

Enter the ContentEditable attribute… It’s [not] new, easy to install and supported well enough in all current version, major browsers. Continue reading