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“Evermore? … Evermore?” What Happened To Erin Evermore?

Update (09.03.2016)

Well it looks like she did move on to other things. Thanks to commenter┬áKenn Guilstorf for for doing what I should have had the brain power to do myself. Erin’s a photography and makeup blogger now and you can see what she does at www.erinevermore.net. And hey… she likes Game of Thrones, Dragon Age and Tomb Raider! Female┬árockers (former in this case) who game are tops. Like Cristina Scabbia.

Erin Evermore! Represent! Rock on. \m/

Original post

This is a rather off-topic posting for my blog. Who is Erin Evermore you ask? I digress…

I have a one-year old daughter who I give nightly baths. I bring my iPod Touch and we listen to music while bathing. I decided to select Erin Evermore’s music. So, it got me thinking, what happened to Erin Evermore? Continue reading