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A Long Time Since Posting

For those that follow along. I am sorry that I have not posted anything new in quite a while. I have been working on shopping cart site for the last 3 and a half months. That takes up all of my free time. Once I am finished with that, I plan on writing on here again – until the next project begins!

In the meatime… RIP MCA. Loved the show you, the Beasties and L7 put on in ’92.

“Evermore? … Evermore?” What Happened To Erin Evermore?

Update (09.03.2016)

Well it looks like she did move on to other things. Thanks to commenter Kenn Guilstorf for for doing what I should have had the brain power to do myself. Erin’s a photography and makeup blogger now and you can see what she does at And hey… she likes Game of Thrones, Dragon Age and Tomb Raider! Female rockers (former in this case) who game are tops. Like Cristina Scabbia.

Erin Evermore! Represent! Rock on. \m/

Original post

This is a rather off-topic posting for my blog. Who is Erin Evermore you ask? I digress…

I have a one-year old daughter who I give nightly baths. I bring my iPod Touch and we listen to music while bathing. I decided to select Erin Evermore’s music. So, it got me thinking, what happened to Erin Evermore? Continue reading

Michael Jackson To Derek Acorah, “Seances are ignorant. Let’s climb up a tree!”

My wife read an article to me from Finnish TV station, MTV3 about a British medium who, allegedly, has been in contact with Michael Jackson. Come to find out that this British medium is none other than the legendary Derek Acorah.

In case you don’t know, Derek was a featured medium on the British haunted house show Most Haunted. Derek provided connection between the Most Haunted crew and the spirit world with the help of his trusty sidekick, Sam – the ghost with the most. During some investigations, Derek would become possessed by spirits the team was investigating. This and other events led the show’s parapsychologist, Ciaran O’Keeffe to feed a fake name – I guess through Derek’s mole – to Derek about a supposed spirit who haunted a certain location. The name was an anagram of Derek’s name and Derek “made contact” with this spirit.

Since being let go from Most Haunted, Derek has been doing other media work. Now, Derek is back on the radar again with a performance so ridiculous that everyone involved in the show has to be in on it.

Derek has appeared on a Sky One (Britain) show called Michael Jackson: The Live Seance. Allegedly, Michael talks through Derek and comforts several fans – who need to get a job worse than I do – and talks about not being buried next to Marilyn Monroe. It’s good to see Derek back in action, but I’m shocked that he didn’t let loose a “shammon” or a “heee heee” while talking to the people at the table. You can see the YouTube clip from Brand X.

Intro To Me

Hell for anyone who bothers to visit here. This is my new blog, Gopha’s Ramblefest. This blog will probably cross a broad range of topics from technology to politics to just me saying absolutely nothing. in the next couple of days, I will write my first “actual” blog post about building a system using an Antec Twelve Hundred.

Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by! 🙂