HTML5/CSS 3 Test Page Update Adventures

Been doing some updating to my HTML5/CSS 3 test page lately. I added Mobile Opera (as of this post – version 11) to the test list. Mobile Opera is now my default browser on my n900. It’s a real joy to use. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support contenteditable – which would be really nice if it did. I have Maemo’s browser and Mobile Firefox on there. I would be using FF but it’s painfully slow – like splinter in the eye death slow (NSFW) from Lucio Fulci’s Zombie (it’s October, that’s means it’s Halloween time!).

Gradient stuff

Opera 11.1+ now partially supports CSS 3 gradients (partially meaning linear gradient only). You can use gradient with the -o- prefix. Mobile Opera 11.1+ supports linear gradients.

Webkit (ex. Safari, Chrome, Android) has switched it’s gradient properties to the same format everyone else is using. Example:


background:-webkit-gradient(linear, left top, left bottom, from(#ffffff), to(#CC9900),  color-stop(0.45, #ffffff), color-stop(1.0, #CC9900));


background:-webkit-linear-gradient(90deg, #CC9900 5%,  #ffffff 55%);

I’m glad they switched to this format because I was beginning to think that I had a really bad reading comprehension problem everytime I tried to work with gradients in a webkit browser. Now, if only Google would fix the rgba() border bug problem that still plagues Chrome.

@Font-face adventures

For about the time I have had my test page up, neither Firefox nor Internet Explorer 9. I listed that neither browser supported @font-face but, this was not the case. The problem, as I found out, was that FF and IE9 do not like @font-face to be directed to an “outside” the domain/subdomain area. My subdomain, html5, points to the folder “html5” in the main directory. I used the the address and, I found out that @font-face was actually working in both browsers. Subsequently, I moved the fonts from the root directory to a subdirectory of “html5”.

I stumbled onto a site with a comprehensive list of what HTML5 and CSS 3 browsers (desktop and mobile) support. It’s called and clicking on the link will take you there.

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