“Evermore? … Evermore?” What Happened To Erin Evermore?

Update (09.03.2016)

Well it looks like she did move on to other things. Thanks to commenter Kenn Guilstorf for for doing what I should have had the brain power to do myself. Erin’s a photography and makeup blogger now and you can see what she does at www.erinevermore.net. And hey… she likes Game of Thrones, Dragon Age and Tomb Raider! Female rockers (former in this case) who game are tops. Like Cristina Scabbia.

Erin Evermore! Represent! Rock on. \m/

Original post

This is a rather off-topic posting for my blog. Who is Erin Evermore you ask? I digress…

I have a one-year old daughter who I give nightly baths. I bring my iPod Touch and we listen to music while bathing. I decided to select Erin Evermore’s music. So, it got me thinking, what happened to Erin Evermore?

Who is Erin Evermore?

Credit: jonesbonesproductions.com

Erin was a New York City based indie (pop-rock) singer who had a [well-produced… by Mike Chapman] demo LP called Babyphetamine.

I used to visit mp3.com a lot back around 1999-2001 because they had great indie music for free – guilt free (this was during the Napster Free-For-All). I found some really good artists like a rap group called HaLFBrEEd, German and Austrian goth-metal bands Flowing Tears and Darkwell and a little-known goth metal band from Italy who went by the name Lacuna Coil. This is the place where I first heard Erin Evermore.

After hearing “Girls Love Sex” and “If I Was A Stripper”, which were on her mp3.com page, I went to her site, erinevermore.com (no longer in existence) and got in touch with her. I wanted to heard more from her and she was kind enough to reply. During our exchanges, she sent me an autographed copy (via CD-R) of her demo LP. It was awesome stuff and nothing too serious. Unfortunately, I no longer have the CD (a long and really stupid story and I’ll leave it at that because it pisses me off to no end…) but, as you already know, I ripped the album into mp3s.

My favorite song off the album was “Did He Do It To You”. With her permission, I used it for a Flash intro for Gophanet. The intro was pretty crappy (I sucked and still do suck at Flash) but, it was an honor to use the song.

Erin and her backing band apparently opened for Duran Duran for a short time. Here’s a mention of a concert in Dallas, TX (OMG Tripod is still up!!). There was a scathing review by a Duran Duran fan who was apparently upset they had to wait to see them (if you search long enough, you will find more of the same).

And now…

I’m not the only person (see comment under “Fan Posts”) who has asked what happened to Erin. There’s even an artist page for her on Facebook. The video for “Girls Love Sex” used to be on YouTube but, it’s no longer there. I guess after unsuccessfully starting her music career she went back into private life.

So, as a fan, I dedicate this blog posting to her. Rock on Erin… wherever you are!

About gopha

Gopha is a web programmer, techie and heir to several Nigerian fortunes. In his spare time he likes to game, spend time with his wife, daughters and dogs. He eats [far too much], watches TV and lift weights. He also like to take moonlit walks on the beach and sing songs next to a roaring campfire, in a white sweater with his acoustic guitar. View all posts by gopha

24 responses to ““Evermore? … Evermore?” What Happened To Erin Evermore?

  • Dennis Judd

    Thanks for reminding me…been meaning to post her mp3’s up there. That facebook page looked hella scammy to me personally.

    • gopha

      Yeah, I forgot to refer to the “Fan Posts” below the FB “app”. I updated the posting to reflect that.

      I saw your post a couple of years ago and I kept running into it afterwards every time I did a Google search for her.

  • Clint

    Was just doing a search on Bing for Erin Evermore, wondering the same thing while listening to the CD. I still have my autographed copy.

    • gopha

      One thing is for sure, if she ever looks herself up, she’ll realize she made quite a few fans. 🙂

      • Jason

        That’s for sure! I accidentally came across her website years ago was immediately addicted. I just knew she was the next big thing, I still love all her songs!

  • Raith Kell

    Hey…thanks for putting this page up. I saw them open for Duran back then and ended up becoming friendly with her and the band and actually was the unofficial roadie for them when they would play places like Don Hills and local NYC clubs. I also used to write the “Raith’s Rant” after each one of her shows, letting people know how great the show was, set list info, pics etc.

    I wonder what’s she’s been doing since then…and every time I think about her, I search and look for new info. I really appreciate you putting this out there.

    And yes I still have my personal copy, autographed of the CD-R she sent me. LOL


  • Chris

    Thanks much for this update! I saw Erin Evermore open for Duran Duran in 1999 and instantly was hooked. I really wish I got to see her perform more than just that once. If anyone has any of the MP3’s she sent you guys, the tracks not on the EP, I’d love to hear them somehow! Thanks! Keep up the search!

  • gpa

    Sorry, I don’t know what’s up with her these days but do you guys know she had officially released one album and one single in Japan under the name ‘Erin Forever’? That was few years before ‘Evermore’ appeared on MP3.com. I’ve got those CDs as well as pics at instore live performance at HMV. But not that CDR I envy you all!

    • chris b

      Hi GPA, thanks for the update. That’s so awesome she had a CD in Japan. I still listen to her 6 tracks to this day and wish she got the acclaim she deserved. Any chance you’d be willing to share the Japanese tracks? Thanks!

    • gopha

      I envy the people who still have their CDs. 😀

  • Marci

    As I was just sitting here calmly singing, “Girls Love Sex,” to myself, I googled to see if Erin Evermore was still around (which I do periodically) and came across this post. We saw her open for Duran Duran and she was…well, in a word, dreadful. At one point I turned to my husband and said, “At least she’s not crawling across the stage,” and then she crawled across the stage (which there was not enough room for.) Also she had a terrible time trying to keep her dress from slipping. The bass player was fantastic though, which was enough for my husband to insist that it was my job as family procurer to obtain her album. So I ordered it as Christmas present for all the people we’d gone to the concert with. LOVED the CD. Found the other two stray songs that didn’t make the CD on the internet and have them around too.

    • gopha

      Maybe opening for Duran Duran was the reason why her career hit a dead end? It seems that Erin Evermore was more well known than I realized.

      Awesome comment, thanks!

  • M C

    I met her some 13-14 years ago now when I used to live in Brooklyn. My friends and I used to frequent this bar called Angry Wades on Smith St near Carroll Gardens. She was bar-tending there, real nice woman and hot as hot can be. I liked a few of her songs, too bad she never made it big.

  • JON

    I met her as I was in a band playing around in the same time period. We may have shared a venue one night in NYC but I don´t remember. I also saw her open for DD. It was practically porn up there on the stage. I ended up starting an email/mail correspondence with her that lasted a month or two. She was friendly and sent me her CD, which I still have and still enjoy. Nice woman, good tunes, good production. I think Chapman pushed her sex-appeal too far. That 70s/80s rock-sexpot thing (Benetar, Quatro, Ford, etc…) was done by the late 90s.

    • gopha

      It seems that the consensus is that some people liked the gigs and some did not. You are right about rock-sexpot thing. It was definitely done by late 90’s. It’s a shame because it seems to be that she was really well-known and (at least) the music was well-received.

  • tcindc

    I too am wondering what happened to her. And, I too only learned of her because she opened for Duran Duran in 1999. They taped a lot of that tour in hopes of making a concert film, that they never did. But there just might be some high-quality live footage of her as a result, sitting in their vaults somewhere. Her show really was OTT on the sex appeal, as were her songs’ lyrics. But I blame that on Chapman, who clearly had an image for her that I think was too extreme. Her voice was great, her stage presence fine (despite the near-porn content) and her band was tight. If I can remember her 16 years later, she clearly made an impact.

    I like to think she reinvented herself under her real name and went on to bigger things, and just refuses to acknowledge the EE days. But who knows, she could also just as easily be married with three kids in Cherry Hill New Jersey and has a scrapbook that she’ll pull out someday to shock everyone at a Christmas party with.

  • Kenn Guilstorf

    An artist who was gone far too soon. Loved all her work – and kept waiting for more to come out (but, alas, nothing…). I Google her from time to time and – it looks like she’s switched to photography and make-up (see ErinEvermore.net). I still have most of her (ripped) music playing on some device…

  • wyncliffe

    I also am a fan of Erin Evermore’s music, and over the years since mp3.com days have scanned the Internet looking for any references.
    I setup up a wikia fandom wiki recently to collate all that I could find.
    It also has links to all the songs I could find, which include the full album released in Japan, along with the demo EP produced and some extra songs released on mp3.com.

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