Playstation Network Troubles

Over the last week, Sony Playstation Network has been down. According to Sony, PSN was the victim of a security breach which compromised user accounts on PSN and Qriocity. Yesterday, it was announced that personal information including credit card information (for those who have shopped on PSN) might have also been compromised. Taking PR black eyes for a perceived lack of updates and notifications, Sony today issued a statement on the Playstation blog, saying that it had only learned of the scope of the breach on the 26th of April – a week after the intrusion. Sony brought in outside help to sift through the data which took a few days.

Lately, Sony has been the target of individual hackers and the hacker protest group known asAnonymus. Sony has made many enemies in the hacker and modding community since it decided to remove the “Other OS” option from it’s PS3 “fat” consoles via firmware update (It’s not available at all on the Ps3 “Slim”). However, what really fueled the flames of mad geeks everywhere was Sony’s recent lawsuit against PS3 modder/hacker George Hotz a.k.a geohot. Hotz, previously known for jailbreaking iPhones, started working on the Ps3 and eventually was able to gain access to the root keys so anyone can mod the PS3 how they wish (install other Operating Systems, play PS2 games, etc.) . In their lawsuit, Sony claimed that Hotz had violated the DMCA and had also commited computer fraud and copyright infringement.

The lawsuit against Hotz drew the ire of Anonymus, who had recently backed Wikileaks and gone after HBGary.

It should be noted that Anonymus has denied responsibility for this attack. Instead Anonymus alleges that something happened internal to Sony to cause the outage.

Some thoughts

I have been reading about this ongoing saga with PSN since it was taken down. I own a PS3 but, I have not done any shopping on there (you need money in order to shop!). Anyone who does business online could possibly end up being the victim of a security breach. This is something that escapes some Xbox fanboys. Sony has had a target on it’s back for a while and we can go back further from Hotz and the Other OS (think rootkits!). I’m not excusing anyone’s behavior. I am simply stating the obvious.

The one problem I have had with Sony, which some other people have had, is the lack of real, informative updates. In this era of multi-billion dollar corporations running a muck and trampling all over those who put gave them those billions (us, the consumers) – Sony is no exception to the rule. In other words, Hey, we’re working on it. Just chill the fuck out and go outside for a change.

While they may never word it the same, this is really what they mean. Letting us know day-to-day that you have brought in outside help and you are sifting through tons of data would have been preferable to, “Somebody hacked us. We’re working on it. Thanks for your patience.”

Now that we know that personal financial information may have been compromised, I suggest that those who have used their credit/debit cards on PSN call your banks and cancel those cards immediately.

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