HTML5 Page Down (UPDATED: Back Up)

My web site, Gophanet, will be down for several days. My hosting provider, GoDaddy, has a data center the US and one in Europe. The European one is new and my site has always been in hosted at the US data center. Because of certain web applications I have and need to run faster (ping time between Finland and Arizona is huge). I decided to switch data centers. But, unfortunately GoDaddy cannot migrate on the fly. So, I had to cancel my hosting account and buy a new one.

Hopefully, everything should be up in a couple of days.


About gopha

Gopha is a web programmer, techie and heir to several Nigerian fortunes. In his spare time he likes to game, spend time with his wife, daughters and dogs. He eats [far too much], watches TV and lift weights. He also like to take moonlit walks on the beach and sing songs next to a roaring campfire, in a white sweater with his acoustic guitar. View all posts by gopha

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