The Secret To’s CV-Netti Julkaiseaika

If you are living in Finland and looking for a job, chances are you have probably used The Ministry of Labor’s (Työ- ja elinkeinoministeriö) website. You have probably used, or tried to use the CV-Netti (online resume form) system on It’s an idiotic piece of crap, that is in serious need of an upgrade. Besides stating that you get 2,000 characters to type in your CV when you don’t (it’s somewhere between 1900 – 2000, probably script related), but you also get to have fun trying to fill out the Julkaiseaika boxes (how long your CV is active in the system). The maximum is two months. The fun is not only trying to guess what date to end Julkaiseaika but what date format to use. Fortunately, I am here to give you a hint.

In Finland, the date is written like this: 18.05.2010 (day.month.year). Pretty simple, but this is not the format that is used to fill out Julkaiseaika. The correct date format to use for the Julkaiseaika boxes: 18-05-2010 (day-month-year).

I haven’t got the foggiest idea why they have done this and why they don’t make it simpler to use (lazy programming on their part). It’s fairly easy to make two sets of drop down boxes with dates and then restrict the Julkaiseaika ending boxes to a maximum of two months from the current date.

But then again, I forgot who I am talking about…


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