My Windows 7 Kernel Power Error Experience

It’s been a while since the last time I posted. Some life stuff to deal with.

A few weeks ago my Windows 7 gaming rig began crashing (BSOD followed by an auto-reboot). After it happened a few times, I realized that this was happening either after the computer came out of hibernation or started going to sleep. The computer was able to boot into Windows just fine. I checked the event viewer and found the error listed as Kernel Power Event ID 41.

Searching the net, I found that quite a few people were having this problem and there was just about as many troubleshooting tips. I will throw the solution to my problem into the mix. Maybe this will help someone out there.

One time as I rebooted the computer after flashing the BIOS (one of the tips I found), I just happened to be looking through the Windows Performance Monitor and I noticed that Windows was only reporting 4 of my 6GB of memory. I went into BIOS to confirm and it was also only reading 4GB.

I became worried that one of the memory sticks had died for some reason. However, after reseating the memory, Windows and BIOS reported 6GB of memory. The computer stopped auto-rebooting and the error disappeared.

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