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Roundup: Google Nixes IE6 Support, Google Chrome 4 And GTA IV DLCs

Google dumps IE6 development… and it’s about time!

I have been waiting for this news for years now. Albeit this is may or may not exactly be the reason (IE6 support for YouTube ended six months ago), in the aftermath of the “IE exploited from China” fiasco, Google has decided to cease developing and supporting web-based applications for Internet Explorer 6 starting with Google Docs and Google Sites. While this does not mean the web-based applications will not work in IE6, this means that Google will not be testing new features for it’s web-based applications for IE6┬ácompatibility.

I have been whining and moaning about this in other postings on my blog. Microsoft tried and failed at making the internet the way they thought it should be made. I’m well aware that there are people still using IE6 and heck, they are even some people using IE5.5. Thanks to these people/companies, it’s become a gargantuan task to make sure that the websites developers, like myself, make are compatible with IE6.

An issue arose one time at my last job, when the guy above me mentioned that something I had made was not working in Mozilla Firefox 1. something. He showed me some statistics showing that a couple of people were still using around that version of Firefox. I argued that we shouldn’t be slowing down development because a couple of people use an old version of anything – including Firefox. As I stated in other postings, Microsoft has left the job of weening users from old versions to new versions of browsers (I still disagree that it should only be up to us, not MS). The old thinking that we developers need to create and support for those in the minority who are still using very old browsers, in effect, is stifling development and innovation. Regardless of what the reason, kudos to Google for dumping IE6 compatibility.

Google Chrome… now with bookmarks floating on clouds

Earlier this week, Google dropped Chrome 4 on to us touting faster performance, better HTML 5 support and synced bookmarks. While faster performance and HTML 5 support are always nice, the synced bookmark feature is something that I have been wanting for some time now. It’s very annoying have to export bookmarks on one computer and put them somewhere else. By using your Google ID, you can sync your bookmarks at any location. So if you add or delete a bookmark in one location, the changes will be made the next time you use Chrome at another location.

“Episodes from Liberty City” coming to PC and PS3

Finally GTA IV’s “Episodes from Liberty City” will be coming to those of us who do not have an Xbox 360. For the past year, 360 owners have enjoyed exclusive rights to download and play first the “Lost and the Damned” episode and then “The Ballad of Gay Tony”. 360 exclusive rights to “Episodes” will end on March 30th. The episodes can either be downloaded or bought on disc. The disc version contains 3 new radio stations, extra music and it is standalone, meaning you do not need to own GTA IV to play “Episodes”.