The iPad… It’s A Giant iPhone!

What happens when you spill Miracle Grow on your iPhone? This:

Photo credit: Engadget

My first impressions of the iPod/iPhone could be summed up as, “Hey, this is cool. Daddy like.” When I saw this, all I could think was, “Um, what the hell?” Seriously, all you could shove in there was 16, 32 or 64GB? IT’S AN IPHONE…. ERR IPOD… ERRRRRRR……………………..

K, I’ve gone cross-eyed.

The real deal

After a night of sleeping and not thinking about the iPad. I have had some time to digest Apple’s latest creation. Here are the specs:

Processor: 1GHz
Screen: 9.7 inch LCD, Resolution: 1024×768
Hard Drive: 16GB, 32GB or 64GB
Wireless: Built-in 802.11n with Bluetooth. 3G capable.
Battery life: 10 hours
Weight: 1.5lbs/.7kg
Connectors/Ports: The usual Apple 30-pin dock connector

In typical fashion, Apple has once again disregarded hopes for a USB (mini-USB) port in favor of it’s 30-pin dock connector port. I was under the impression that agreements have been made regarding the standardizing of the mini-USB port on all devices. This agreement rids everyone of collecting different types of cables for any portable device we carry around. I guess either Apple didn’t agree to this or they just don’t care. Whatever works I guess. In all fairness to Apple, one 30-pin connector should work on most of it’s portable devices. I’m sure Apple will ship a cable with the iPad, like they do with the iPhone and the iPod.

The iPad also does not have room for expansion. The hard drive cannot be upgraded and there are no SD card slots. While Apple will have proprietary devices/docks for external drives and SD card readers, the whole point is for the consumer to spend even more money.

What’s the deal with Flash?

This is a really good question. Tech enthusiasts have been pointing out since the inception of the iPod Touch and iPhone that these devices lack support for Adobe Flash. So what? The problem with Flash is that it’s a beast. A big Flash file can be tough on decent laptops and desktops. Flash is good for portfolio type sites much not much else. Flash ads have become commonplace at the expense of memory and processing power. HTML 5 is coming (someday…) and with it comes the new Video tag. Several major browsers already have some support for this tag including Firefox and the WebKit-based browsers, Google Chrome and Apple Safari. Flash is a thing of the past. Now, if only everyone could come to some agreement over what codecs to use. There’s always something….

Some thoughts

I assume that the iPad is supposed to be a netbook killer. At first glance, this is the killer. The iPad is a nice looking device and will suit low-tech users just fine. This would probably be the perfect device for my dad since he uses his iPod Touch for more than music. He also does a lot of reading and this would be perfect for e-books. This is for anyone who bought or is considering buying a netbook.

I’ve been reading comments on Ars and Engadget. Supporters of the iPad are universal in their argument that the more Tech savvy reviewers and commentators are being far too harsh in their criticism of the iPad. Well, they are tech sites and I am a tech blogger. We want all kinds of crap shoved into our machines. Also, in this economic environment, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to point out the fact that people will have to shell out more money for proprietary devices to connect to the iPad.

In the end, I know the iPad isn’t for me. I have an iPod Touch and it serves me just fine as a (more than music) portable device. And it will be that way until I get a smartphone. The iPad is for people who don’t want a lot out of their portable but want a faster browsing experience, and bigger real estate. If you can deal with the fact that you won’t be able to put this in your pocket, then the iPad is the way to go.

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