Twitter and Hacked

ICA Mowjcamp Hack Defacement PageAs reported by TechCruch, Twitter was hacked this morning (EEST) by a group of tools calling themselves the Iranian Cyber Army. According to Twitter, DNS records for were altered to redirect users to a “defacement page”. Also, a second site, has also been hacked. To the right you can see the current (11:47 EEST) defacement page for The page shows some text in red and a picture of the green flag with text in Farsi.

ICA Hack, Google SERP

Along with the hacks, Google SERPs showed the hack in the results descriptions. While the Twitter SERPs have been restored, Mowjcamp’s have not. The Twitter Google SERP Farsi text description made reference to the U.S. government’s involvement in Twitter’s decision to delay an update during the mass demonstrations that happened in Iran after the recent presidential elections. The update would have disrupted services for Twitter users and apparently, Iranians were using Twitter to help organize and report on protests.

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