Mininova Shuts Down Torrent Links

Yesterday, torrent giant Mininova turned off it’s torrent link hosting service in compliance with the BREIN ruling handed against it by the Dutch Court of Utrecht earlier this year. According to this Mininova blog post, Mininova is going to rely on it’s Content Distribution service. This service allows content providers to distribute their works using Mininova for free.

Mininova was the second major European torrent service that was hit with a court ruling this year. The first was the Swedish service, The Pirate Bay. But unlike Mininova, The Pirate Bay is still hosting links to torrents. However, The Pirate Bay shut down it’s torrent tracker and has told users to use the provided magnet links.

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2 responses to “Mininova Shuts Down Torrent Links

  • Nauman Pakistan

    Dear Mininova & Mininova’s members

    It’s a depressing news form our great site. Mininova served, helped & educated us almost perfectly. They made a difference for others and delivered a great service. We’ll all miss u toooooooo much. Im grateful to mininova & its members for being helpful and do hope that you people will never give up ur suggestions, sharing and support. Plz stay in touch to one another by leaving ur contacts in order to defeat the greedy dogs who were against of Mininova.

    As Albert Einstein said:
    “Only a life lived for others is worth living”

    Dear Anonymous, Your comments are really soothing and encouraging for us at this sad moment. Thanx a lot for rekindling our hopes. Wish u too all the best my friend. You’re RIGHT in saying the following lines:

    “But it is the new beginning for a new phase in our struggle.”


    “But with time, I swear people who are fighting this war against such authorities will grow stronger.”

    Thanx once again to all the Mininova Team and Members & Wish you all the best. Good-Bye (with a really Heavy Heart)

  • Geert

    Goodbye Mininova.

    I used to visit every single day. Many of us can honestly say ‘Mininova was a part of my life and my daily routine’ 😥
    I WILL miss you guys… I learned a lot from everyone and I intend to spread knowledge and downloads for the rest of my life!

    @ the court: Aren’t you supposed to do what’s best for the people? Well…


    Mininova, you will be honored and missed dearly!

    Yours faithfully,


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