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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Russians, Servers and Sales


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has, apparently, broken sales records previously held by Grand Theft Auto IV. According to the Christian Science Monitor, sales figures from North American and the U.K. put sales amount at 4.7 million units and the dollar amount past $300 million in the first 24 hours. GTA IV sales were 3.6 million units at $310 million for the first weekend.

Activision rejoices, “Hah we knew it! You clock dollars when the game you release is geared towards the console market!!”

Meanwhile in Russia…

Our neighbors to the east are apparently not very happy with the “Airport/No Russian” scene that has been sort of controversial in the west itself. The scene, in which you play a Russian terrorist who kills innocent people in an airport has drawn the ire of the Russian government and a few Russian gamers. The Russian government has banned the game and according to CNET (Warning: sarcasm filled article!), the scene will be removed in both Steam and disc versions.

I had the pleasure of attending Finnish language courses with many Russian classmates. They are nice, regular people. They were not the monsters my government (The United States) made them out to be when I was growing up (during the late stages of the Cold War).

The Russians are a proud, patriotic people. They love their language, culture and county. Russia is the center of their universe and anyone who doesn’t like it, be damned. Does this sound familiar? Well, it should because this is how we Americans are.

The entertainment industry in America has made anyone, from Americans to Russians to Muslims the enemy of any protagonist in a story. Because this is exactly what it is, a story. We Americans are used fighting our own in books, TV, games and movies. We also don’t think any less of our fellow countrymen. Guess what? We don’t think any less of Russians because a few bad apples decide to cut down innocent people in a game.

Now, I could point out Russia’s foreign policy, talk about Russian current issues and the dark past of the Russian-led Soviet Union. Then, I could point out the same for America just so people don’t feel that Russia is being singled out. But, I’m not going to do that. In the end, this is just a video game based on a fictional story. No real harm has been done and Activision is going to block scene from the Russian versions. Time to move on.

PC gamers to Activision, “You can clock all the dollars you want, we’ll make our own server.”

Over at Tom’s, you can get a look at a video presentation of people playing on a self-built dedicated server. They demonstrate grenade and AC-130 cannon spamming and low-gravity jumps. I would assume that since this can be done, eventually there will be community-made dedicated servers up and running in no time.

I think the funny part about this is that this dedicated server was made a week after the game was released. There is simply no excuse as to why support for dedicated servers is not available.