Borderlands PC Authentication Troubles

The PC version of the new “artsy” FPS coop game, Borderlands, was delayed for a week. This is fine and all but the problem, according to Ars Technica, is that because the “street date” was pushed back a week, those people who were able to buy copies of the game from stores have been screwed by the fact that the Authentication servers were not online. So, now people who have bought the game will have to wait until the game day the PC version of the game is actually released.

Another thing I wanted to point out in the article is the subject of software licensing and DRM. For a long time, we users have been under the impression that when we purchase a physical copy of software, it is ours. However, this is not the case at all. For example, when you buy a copy of Microsoft Word from the store you are only buying a license to use it. It’s like going to Filmtown here or Blockbuster in the States and renting a movie. The only difference being that you don’t have to return the Microsoft Word disc to the store after a certain period of time.

Both my wife and I are users of Steam. Personally, I enjoy the convenience of buying and downloading games from Steam right then and there without having to go to the store or ordering from Amazon UK, Play UK or CDON. However, I am worried about the day Steam servers go offline forever. While I have backup copies of the games, I am not entirely sure where it goes from there.


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