“I don’t speak any Finnish, will I manage?”

I was reading an article from a fellow American’s blog, Finland For Thought, about VisitFinland.com and I came across the question in the subject on the English version of the FAQs page. What made me do a double take was this statement in the answer: “Most Finns speak excellent English…”

Most? No. Excellent English? No.

Most Americans don’t even speak excellent English and neither does most of Finland’s 5 million + Finns. To be fair, a decent amount of Finns speak well-enough to good English. However, it’s definitely not “most Finns”. Finns find English to be just as hard as we immigrants find Finnish.

The subject of the Finland for Thought post was that Finnish was the first language someone sees on VisitFinland.com no matter where they are posting from. It seems that commentators had it narrowed down to OS and/or browser because some of them were posting from a location in Finland. When I visit the site title is in English but the rest of the page is in Finnish. I am using Windows 7 in English and Firefox in English.

Who knows what the hell is going on there…


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