Windows 7 Arrives At My Door

I was surprised by how small the size of the Windows 7 box was.

I was surprised by how small the size of the Windows 7 box was.

Back during the summer, I decided to build a big gaming system and use Windows 7 as it’s OS. Fortunately, I had the good sense to preorder Windows 7 Home Premium from Amazon U.K. Since then, the British Pound has run into trouble versus the Euro. I ordered Windows for £74. Back in the summer, that translated to 93€ and now it’s 81€!

I’m pointing out the price because I checked how much a local retailer, Mikropasi, is selling the Finnish version for: 199€. Ouch!

The reason why Amazon UK sent my copy of Windows 7 so early is according to Crave UK, Royal Mail workers are threatening to strike. So, Microsoft gave the go-ahead to retailers to mail out orders of Windows 7. The package was dispatched on October 20th and I received it on Oct 22nd. That was really fast!

The Windows 7 package generously comes with both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7. This is awesome for those with hardware in their systems that are not 64-bit compatable (ex. 64-bit processors) or those with less than 3GB of RAM.


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