Building A Custom System Using An Antec 1200 Part 2

Listing the specs

Current system configuration minus the DVD drive and the memory.

For a long time I have been wanting to build a high-end gaming system. I have built my own systems before but this is one serious build. The only thing missing is a liquid cooler and a non-stock heatsink! 😛

Note: I did not get all of the parts here in Finland. If dollars are listed first, I got the part in the States. If British Pounds are listed first, I received the part from a supplier in the U.K.

  • Antec Twelve Hundred ATX full tower case (185€)
  • ASUS P6T motherboard – Intel X58 Chipset, SLI 3-way and Quad ATI Crossfire support, max. 12GB DDR3 memory (226€)
  • Intel Core i7 920 processor LGA 1366 ($199/137€)
  • 6GB Corsair Dominator DDR3, 1600MHz (£174/173€)
  • EVGA GTX 275, 1792MB DDR3 RAM ($299/206€)
  • Corsair TX750 Power Supply (117€)
  • Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB SATA 3Gb/s, 32MB cache 7200 RPM ($114/78€)
  • Samsung DVD-RW (37€)

The parts that I bought in the States were from a Micro Center on Long Island, NY. I got lucky and showed up while they were having sales. I got $70 something off of the processor and the video card.

I also bought a Logitech G5 laser mouse for ($45/35€) from a store in Manhattan called B&H. A great many of its employees are Hasidic and “modern orthodox” Jews. The store has conveyor belts running through the entire store. You bring what you want to buy to a sales clerk. They put your information into a computer and sent the product on its way on the belt. You make your way through the store to the registers and pickup areas. It was an interesting experience!

Full version of Windows 7 Home Premium: 81€

Total spent/Summa: 1275€

Some thoughts

I had thought about replacing the Intel-provided thermal paste with Artic Silver. After thinking about it, I decided it might be overkill since I do not plan to OC this system.

I did not plan on getting LED lighted fans with the new system but the Antec 1200 comes with 6 LED fans. There’s a switch on the back of the case which turns off the light on the 200mm fan on the top of the case.

When turned on, the computer is not very loud. Not nearly as loud as my wife’s old Athlon XP system in a generic case. I would say the loudest part in the case is the EVGA GTX 275 fan.

When I got the Corsair power supply, it came wrapped in a velvet bag. It left me wondering, like everyone else who has received one, where’s the Crown Royal I ordered? There are a lot of wires and unfortunately I realized that I should have gotten the modular HX750 instead of the TX750. The Antec 1200 fortunately has space behind the motherboard to run wires from the power supply to most parts of the computer without having a web of wires hanging around the inside of the case, blocking airflow. The only wire completely hanging in the case is the 8-pin ATX 12V wire.

The Dominator memory comes with a story. I had originally planned to get 6GB of Corsiar XMS memory and I had some on reserve order with the Finnish webstore, Verkkokauppa. After a couple of weeks, I saw that they had 6GB kits of Corsair Dominators. I contacted Verkkokauppa and they changed my order to the Dominators. After a couple more weeks, they received 2 kits. Verkkokauppa lists how many items have been ordered from any certain product, they also have wait times listed. When they received the 2 kits – apparently I was not one of the fortunate souls to get the available memory – they changed the wait status from 1-3 weeks to 3-5 weeks and increased the price of the kit. I was pretty fed up with the wait time. I had already sent them an email voicing my concerns about the amount of time people have to wait to get any from there.

Being that I was fed up with the whole process, I turned to eBay Ireland and found computer parts suppliers with more than enough Dominator memory in stock. I ordered from a supplier in South Wales. They posted the order the same day I ordered from them and I received the memory one week later. Now, this was back on October 7th. Verkkokauppa finally received 11 more kits over one week later on the 16th.

I had Verkkokauppa cancel my order of memory and to send my Corsair power supply. They still took 2 days to post the order! A possible reason I got as to why the memory was taking so long to be shipped to Verkkkauppa was high global demand. While this is possible, the delay in sending my power supply makes me think otherwise.

In Part 3 I will discuss how the system runs under the retail version of Windows 7 and GPU temperatures and frame rates while gaming. I do know how the system runs under the RC version of Windows 7 Ultimate. I can tell you now that there has been a few bumps but other than that, the system is sexy! 😀


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