Building A Custom System Using An Antec 1200 Part 1

Update: I have added watermarks to the pictures in this posting. So, all of the links to the pictures have changed.

The case

As I stated in Part 1, my new case is an ATX full tower Antec Twelve Hundred. In Part 2 I will give you a quick tour of the case and some of its features.

Measurements of the case: Metric: 58.2 x 21.3 x 51.3 cm/US: 22.9 x 8.4 x 20.2 in


The case also comes with an instruction manual in several different languages and a box with these extra components in it (pictured).

  • A 3.5″ floppy drive cover
  • A bay for a 3.5″ floppy drive
  • A bag of assorted screws, washers and bolts
  • Wire ties

Outside the case

The case is pretty impressive from the outside. As you can see from the first picture in this post, there is one Plexiglas side window with a place for a side fan (more on that in a bit). The finish of the case is a textured or matte finish. It’s a very nice feel when compared to the smooth, glossy finish of a normal computer case.

The front of the case is covered with a metal grille from top to bottom. This grill is also present, covering the top and back fans.

Extra pics: Case buttons, Case top and the 200mm fan, Case side view

The button panelView from the top (lousy quality!)

The fans

Speaking of the fans. This case comes with six fans: one 200mm fan on the top, two 120mm fans in the back and three 120mm fans in the front. All fans have LED lights.

The speed for the  front fans are each controlled by a knob placed in the grill on the front of the case. Simply turning the knob will increase or decrease the speed of the fans. The LED lights for these fans cannot be turned off.

The top and back fans are controlled by this panel on the back of the case. There are three speeds controlled by a switch for each fan. You can also turn off the LED light on the big 200mm fan – which I understand might be a good thing!

A fan can be placed on top of this air filter!Because the direction of airflow is from front to back or from side inwards, the front fans and side panel have air filters which collect dust and other things that try to go into the case. These air filters can be removed and cleaned. Almost too easy! The side air filter can be removed by opening the windowed side panel and lifting up on the air filter’s tab. A fan can be placed on top of the filter.

Extra pics: Switches for the back and top fans

Inside the case

To be honest, I was not prepared for the massive amount of space in the Antec 1200. I knew it was a big case [on the outside]. There are twelve 5 1/2″ bays, divided into four sections, in the front of the case. In the top section you can install your DVD drives and even put a pump for a water cooling system. This is nice and standard for a computer case, but what really impressed me was the bottom three sections – removable drive bay sections!

Once you remove both side panels, you can see tool-less screws lined up in two columns. They are lined almost all the way up and down the case, on both sides of the computer, right behind the front panel. Removing two sets of screws on both sides of the computer allows you to remove one of the drive bay sections from the computer case. Once you remove one of these sections, you can add drives to them. Each section holds up to three drives. In the front of each section is one of the three front LED fans. On the top of the drive section is an easy flip tab that you can flip up and then pull out the air filter from in front of the fan.

Wires for the fan are channeled from the front of the section to the back on the left side.

In keeping up with trends, the power supply sits on the bottom of the case. There are four rubber castors provided for the power supply to sit. Another wonderful feature of this case is that Antec made sure there is space behind the metal plate where the motherboard sits. This makes wire management easy and helps air to move through the case. Because the power supply sits on the bottom of the case, there will be no wires that will just hang from the power supply.

Extra pics: Case inside back, Cable management area, Front fan air filter, Front drive sections

Antec Twelve Hundred - Antec Twelve Hundred - Cable/Wire Management Area

Some thoughts

Like I said, this case is massive. While this case sticks to basics, the four things that stick out are: the cable management area, power supply placement, the removable drive sections and the air filters. This is my first Antec case so while I cannot compare it to other Antecs, I can compare it to other cases. There is not a case that have had my hands on which can compare to this case. I’m going to have a lot of fun building my computer!


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